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Positive and Negative Gearing

Positive and Negative Gearing

By Mortgage Broker Melbourne | October 3, 2020

‘Gearing’ is a term commonly thrown around when purchasing investment properties. We are going to discuss what makes an investment property positive or negatively geared and what you should consider when considering the most beneficial strategy for you. Positive gearing Positive gearing is when the amount of rental income received is higher than the property-related…


What is Lending to Value Ratio (LVR)?

By Mortgage Broker Melbourne | July 23, 2020

If there’s one equation you need to understand about home loans, it’s the Lending to-Value-Ratio (LVR). As the name implies, this is the ratio of the loan you want to take out versus the value of the property. Why is the LVR so important? Your LVR paints a picture to the lender of the risk…

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